MLM Label founder Julia Softley on parenthood, pregnancy, business & fashion

29th October 2018

We caught up with MLM Label founder Julia Softley a few weeks before her second baby arrived to chat about parenthood, pregnancy, her two-year-old son Rocco, building and launching her businesses and fashion staples. 

We absolutely adore MLM! How did the label come about? 

I was in the business side of the fashion industry representing other labels as a sales agent. I introduced MLM Label into the agency so that I could offer a new type of style to my retail buyers. More than anything, it was a side project where I could use my creativity.

How have you balanced growing your label alongside raising your little man, Rocco? 

Aside from a lot of juggling and minimal down time, I have a very supportive husband, a divine little boy and a lot of energy for things I love.

I have a wonderful team behind MLM which I could not do without.  I’m also really lucky to have had time pre-family to build the business and set up the foundations which now gives me the flexibility to work as many hours needed in and out of the office.

With baby #2 only a few weeks away, how have you found this pregnancy? Has it been similar to your pregnancy with Rocco? We hope you are managing to put your feet up! 

I have had a really wonderful and healthy pregnancy. Physically it has been very similar to my pregnancy with Rocco but this time round I have been more involved in ticking those bigger boxes before the baby arrives.


I have focussed on being more present, enjoying one-on-one time with Rocco and date nights with my hubby. I have also spent time re-planning my business so that it ticks over while I'm out of the office.


Wow, yes 2 weeks to go – I need to think about wrapping up work, pampering myself  and resting my feet while I can!

Choosing a name for your little one can be both great fun and extremely hard! Have you decided on a name yet?  

Surprisingly, my hubby is more talented on the names side of things so I’m leaving the ‘shortlist’ job to him. We have a few names jotted down but we believe that bubs will help us choose a name when he or she is born.

Will you manage to take maternity leave?

I plan to be at home for the rest of 2018 to be present for my family. Having said that, I already have jobs to sneak in as soon as I am out of hospital - yikes! It helps that I'm passionate about the business. I’m also lucky to have enthusiastic staff to help me so that I can soak up that newborn bubble as much as possible. 

We understand you have recently launched a new label Lune Resort. Can you tell us about it?

I created Lune Resort, an affordable luxury-feel brand, a year ago with my MLM Brand Director. We are both mums and wanted to complement MLM LABEL with a more mature lifestyle label. Lune Resort offers beautiful, quality day wear with a natural and transeasonal look. 

How do you do it all?! We take our hat off you to you! Any mum-hacks or advice you can share? 

Thank you! Get as much rest as possible, treat yourself and don’t sweat over the small stuff. 

Now let's talk clothes... What are your mum wardrobe staples? 

When im not pregnant, I love piecing together simple outfits; denim, a tee and a blazer with a feature scarf or shoe.  Printed dresses and jumpsuits are a favourite of mine for adding colour.


Right now I’m layering for comfort and including an item to complement the simplicity of my bump.

And finally, what is motherhood to you? 

Motherhood is everything wonderful but not everything you expect… It’s the little ones who teach you about life in the end;  patience, love, inner peace.


 My father mentioned to me when Rocco was born that you see life in black and white until you have children of your own. Then the world turns to colour. I think that sums up motherhood.

A few weeks after we caught up with Julia, she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy.

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